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FIFA 20 operates on a related premise towards the "Ultimate Team" mode that appears within the key FIFA games. Customers gather trading cards that represent distinctive players; every single card includes a statistical rating in the player's skills, contributing to an average team skill rating. The skill rating is augmented by a "training" rating, along with the combination of the two ratings provides the overall group rating. These ratings ascertain the outcomes of matches played by the group; a team must win a particular quantity of matches to progress through a series of leagues, culminating with the "Superstars" league. Customers may well obtain new player cards with in-game "FUT 20 coins", which are acquired via playing matches, winning leagues and as gifts from friends; the cards are available in bronze, silver and gold packs, with bronze containing low-rated players and gold-containing the ideal players in the game, even though gold packs expense more FIFA 20 coins. Coins may also be utilised to buy training and stadium upgrades, like education cones and seating. The game demands match credits, which might be earned by Playfish cash, penalty shootouts, playing against your pals or basically waiting more than time. 

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