Are you Still Purchaing FIFA 14 Coins

fifahead Date: Apr/15/14 16:00:46 Views: 952

FIFA 14 is a very popular football game, thousands of fifa players have joined in playing. It had become one of the biggest game events in 2013 in the MMORPG game field. And a lot of fifa players bought fifa 14 coins in order to get more fun in the game.

With the growing of the players, fifa 14 coins had become one of the hottest game products, a lot of old school players started buying fifa coins, and the coins sellers were very happy, most of them had earned much money during the past months. The sale of fifa 14 coins has exceeded fifa 13 coins.

fifa 14 coins

But nothing can keep going ahead all the time, now one years has passed, if you would like to check the player amount of fifa 14, you can see the amount has decreased a lot, and if you ask the fifa 14 coins sellers how about their sale this year, they would tell you a very negative result. Does this mean the fifa is going to die? Well, it may too early to say like this because fifa 15 will come soon

At the same time we can see there are still a group of fifa fans, their existence has been supporting the game publisher to keep this server running, and the publisher can make a lot of money from them because most of them need to pay for the game.

We should face the truth that the players’ amount is less and less, so we hope the new fifa 15 will come soon, by then, a lot of old fifa players will come back and new players will join in. So fifa will have a new summit when fifa 15 is launched.