FIFA 14 the blending Xbox 360 and PS3

fifahead Date: Jun/20/14 16:51:44 Views: 988

In FIFA 14 be attuned or blended with your team is vital when it comes to winning games, walls, passes and other things are essential if we want to take part clear everything related to the above.




It basically works like in FIFA 13 but in addition we now have to consider some new factors. Here's a short summary of how it works:


First we have the relationship of the player with their position in the field. This value is represented rapport with a circle at the base of chromium Player. It depends on whether the player is, or not, playing in their appropriate position:


Will be green if the player is playing exactly into position. 

Will be orange if it plays in a similar position as a position of EI in MI.


It will be red if the player is placed in a very different position to you as an EI MCD.


Moreover we have the relationship of the player with those around him. He is represented by lines connecting to nearby players and depends on whether they share, league, team or country.


Be green if they share at least two of the three variables. 

'll be orange if they share at least one. 

red be if they share neither league or nationality, or equipment.