fifahead Date: Jan/21/15 11:40:18 Views: 2276

The first batch of Winter Transfers was released by EA Sports for FIFA 15 today, that means the Winter Upgrades are getting closer and closer to getting unveiled. Today we cover another 3 players that may see an upgrade.


Antoine Griezmann


Original Card





Griezmann has been by far the best amateur in Atletico Madrid and is assuming abundant affiance to be a force for years to come. He's had two informs already and he deserves this upgrade. With Ronaldo and Neymar getting absolutely big-ticket larboard wingers in the game, this upgraded agenda would be absolutely acceptable as it has amazing stats that rivals that of Luis Suarez.








Despite James Rodriguez advancing in as about an advancement from Isco, it's angry out to be a absolutely altered story. Isco has been annihilation but astounding for the aggregation dispatch up if Bale was aching and earning himself a allotment in the rotation. Aswell with two informs so far in FIFA 15, this advancement is absolutely warranted. In the endure FIFA he was an 84 base, so if they upgraded him to that it would aswell be fine. Isco is a almost bargain amateur already, but his upgraded agenda will see his agenda go up by a few thousand coins.


Cristiano Ronaldo





With the connected altercation that Lionel Messi had to be the accomplished rated agenda due to acknowledged obligations, EA absitively to absolution the 99 rated Cristiano Ronaldo, getting the best agenda in the bold and college than the 98 rated Messi. With that in apperception this agency that Ronaldo should get an upgrade, as he deserves to be at atomic on par with him, because in absoluteness that's the case. Both of these guys are so acceptable at what they do it's insane. Having them both be 93 rated would accompany so abundant added money to EA it alone makes sense. This would be the better upgrade/transfer of all time in Ultimate Aggregation history.