FIFAHead: FIFA 14 warning Instagram fraudsters

fifahead Date: Jun/20/14 16:49:59 Views: 808

Malware bytes warns of a run by Fifa Coins fraudsters "FIFA 14" Instagram account who wants to tap your Xbox Live and EA Origin-user data.


Those currently herumsuft on Instagram and "FIFA 14" fan is to be careful where it is linked. According to the operators of malware bytes anti malware software exists as IGN reported on Instagram a fake "FIFA 14" account, which currently already has 9,000 follower. This uses the current World Cup in Brazil in order to swindle Xbox Live and EA Origin credentials.


The trick works by the scammers leave a World Cup-related post and offer this special extras or exclusive content, which may be obtained from a link on the bio of the account. About popular hashtags addition, attention will be increased. A post looks for example like this: "Do not forget to play FUT # WorldCup with all the world cup players If you want a free # TOTW player just log in on the link in our bio # Fifa14,!"


The link leads to an external page the scammers on you shall with an Xbox Live or EA Origin account login to "FIFA 14" will receive the exclusive content for, does not exist naturally. With your account data, the scammers can then do all sorts of charlatan, invite as games on your account and view account information. According Malwarebytes Researcher Chris Boyd you should give your information there price on any case.


To protect you against such fraudsters Microsoft offers a support page that tells you which pages you safely can enter your Xbox Live credentials. Most phishing sites would also entice you with offers that are too good to be true.


EA Origin also has a website online that helps you to protect you against such fraudsters. She also reveals what should note her as a victim.