fifahead:FIFA 15 Eye Catching Visuals Features Explained, Dynamic Audience And Atmosphere Official Video

fifahead Date: Jul/07/14 15:52:14 Views: 794

FIFA 15 Eye Catching Visuals Features ExplainedFriends here is another video which EA has launched to show how the Visuals features has improved and what all efforts EA has put in to make FIFA 15 into a real game play.

So enjoy the video to see how the players and ball get dirty during the play and how stadium grass gets more realistic.

Fiends EA sports is doing a lot of work for promoting the FIFA 15. Recently EA has launched many features videos which put the light on the amazing and unique features of FIFA 15. Below are two more videos pointing on emotional intelligence, dynamic audience and atmosphere of FIFA 15.

Here in this Video it shows the Emotional Intelligence of players that how they react with there team & opponents during the game play.

The second video shows dynamic audience and atmosphere of FIFA 15. It shows how audience reacts differently during the game and regional atmosphere. These video are short which gives only a glimpse of what FIFA 15 is going to have.


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