How To Price Fix in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team smartly

fifahead Date: Mar/05/15 00:43:27 Views: 952

This is a adjustment that is in my assessment the best and safest trading method. This adjustment can be done by anybody and the alone affair you need, is a appropriate bulk of FIFA 15 coins(roughly 200/300k, but can be done with beneath depending on the amateur that you wish to amount fix). Secondly, you charge to be a actual alive youtube fan that watches about every accepted FIFA youtuber. Now, I am traveling to explain how this adjustment works.


Firstly, you charge to delay till you see a accepted youtuber publishes a new FIFA 15 video. If this video is about a assertive amateur that is alien and you are one of the aboriginal viewers, it is your time to shine.


You anon about-face on to your computer/console. You go to the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app and you will attending how abundant the alien amateur costs at that moment. If the prices are still low, you can adjudge to buy at atomic 3/4th allotment of all his cards that are awash at that moment on the market.


In a lot of cases, you charge a lot of cheap FIFA 15 coins to buy all of the cards of a specific amateur (preferably: argent players, because they are the easiest to amount fix/lock). If you accept bought that amateur and you own at atomic 3/4th allotment of the bazaar of that player, you anon put him up for 5 times the amount you bought him for.


Then, if the video about that amateur is advance about the world, lots of humans wish to buy that amateur too. They don’t affliction about the amount and so they will buy the cards you accept put on the bazaar for your price, which was 5 times college than you bought it for.