What defence skill be FIFA players need?

fifahead Date: Mar/30/15 11:28:51 Views: 921


Your defence should be formed of four no-nonsense defenders with strong physicality, positioning, heading and interceptions. Pace is not essential in this tactic because you’ll be sitting very deep and the opposition won’t have much room to dribble and move their way through. I would recommend H/M work rates for the full backs and M/H work rates for the centre halfs.


Your midfielders should combine defensive prowess with sheer strength, vision and passing. I have found the likes of Matic, Luis Gustavo, Fernandinho and Felipe Melo to be most successful in terms of holding the line and cutting down the opposition. Each have a M/H work rate; I would stick to that.


Your wingers are key; sheer pace is countering will not cut it so you want two players who have speed, creativity and the ability to finish chances. The majority of these chances will come from deep, driving forward to cut inside and finish.