Why FiFa14 is so Popular

fifahead Date: Feb/17/14 11:15:26 Views: 1024

FIFA 14 is just around the corner looking to maintain the incredible success of the FIFA franchise over the past two decades. FIFA International Soccer started it all in 1993 and now twenty years later the world eagerly anticipates the latest installment in the popular series.


So what does FIFA 14 have in store for fans?
On the playing side Electronic Arts is giving us four new systems to get to grips with concerning actual gameplay:
Pure Shot
Protect the Ball
Real Ball Physics
Teammate Intelligence

Anybody who regularly watches European football; Champions League or Europa League will be familiar with the modern style of football and how important ball retention is for setting or dictating the tempo of a game. Barcelona play it to the nth degree, but more and more sides around Europe and the world are trying to get back to midfield domination.

EA plan to achieve this by allowing players to block off other players and their advances, as well as move in front of defenders whilst running with the ball. This latter movement is designed to deter the frustrating arm pull that many defenders perform on your player whilst you’re trying to get away.

Players with the ball will also now have the ability to step into opposing players in a bid to hold them off while they pick a pass. You’ll also see strikers jostling for position at corners and throw-ins, so that they can create space before receiving the ball with which they can then turn and shoot.Not much is being revealed yet about the final new system – Teammate Intelligence, suffice to say it will be an improvement that ultimately affects defence and attack most acutely.

Defenders will judge defensive moves and tackles with split second timing and strikers will check their runs, by running along the line and hanging back on the shoulders of defenders to avoid offside decisions.It’s all looking very promising, but with several months ahead things can change, but at least FIFA 14 seems pointed in the right direction at the moment.